The tutorial below explains to you how you can create invitations using our wedding invitation template collection and using GIMP.


FIRST Open the fonts folder from the disk. Go To Start. Go To Control Panel. Go To "Fonts" Drag fonts from the "fonts folder" from the disk to your computer's FONTS folder.

SECOND Open Gimp program. Go To FILE. Open any editable file with PSD at the end.

To change color: You will find multiple layers in your layers palette. Click on any layer with a "color" or solid color that you can find. Go To Your Toolbox. Find the "black and white" square image and Double CLICK on it. Pick a new color. You should see your new color in the "foreground". Pick the "paint can" tool that is in the "toolbar" to the left. While you are on the layer that you want to change colors for, place the "paint can" tool over the image and CLICK to fill in a new color.

To change text: Go to your layers palette. Scroll through to find a layer with "text" names like "leslie" or "ron" and the wording. You will be deleting the "text" layers and replacing with your own text. Locate the "A" tool and click on it. Then click and drag a large text box, large enough to type your information. You can of course and probably should create more than one text box to give you the freedom you need to edit sizes and fonts differently and separately.

To add an image: Go to file, and open an image. When you image opens go to EDIT - SELECT ALL. Then Paste into the Wedding Template file. Rightclick and say "new layer". Click on the BLUE FOUR ARROWS in your toolbar to move it around into place. Delete any other image layer that you do not want.

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